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Great Weapon fighter PvE build tried and tested!
05-30-2013, 05:23 AM (This post was last modified: 05-30-2013 05:24 AM by Boris.)
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Great Weapon fighter PvE build tried and tested!
I am from Germany so there are German and English names of all abilities. This build is so good you need to try it to believe.

Heroic Feats: (Heroic Feats)

5/5 action Unstoppable (Unstoppable Action)
To have more blow to the more action points better as often as possible active.

3/3 student of strength (Disciple of Strength)
Weak damage bonus, but better than nothing.

3/3 Endless Attack (Endless Assault)
More damage is always good.

5/5 Defense Steel (Steely Defense)
The power increase is pretty good. The more power the more better crit-Dot and the better the strength gains of stroke.

3/3 Bestial critical hits (Devastating Critical)
Critical severity you do not get any other way. Go!

1/3 Weapon Mastery (Weapon Mastery)
The only thing that still somehow worth it.

Model talent Destroyer (Destroyer Paragon)

5/5 Two-Handed Weapon Focus (Great Weapon Focus)
The areas most damage comes from the weapon master stroke. 10% more sounds nice, right?

5/5 Deep groove (Deep Gash)
Can we maintain with armorer blow to all monsters. The more surface damage, the better.

5/5 Remaining capacity (Staying Power)
10% more damage for encounter powers.

5/5 Combat Initiative (Battle Awareness)
While Slash is 25% more active power? * Drool *

1/1 intention of the Destroyer (Destroyer's Purpose)
Determination by the damage caused is great. The additional damage is still a nice bonus.

Model talent Sentinel (Sentinel Paragon)

5/5 students of the sword (Student of the Sword)
Depending on the Target's Defense 10-15% more damage for the entire group.

5/5 Mighty Challenge (Powerful Challenge)
Again, an additional 15% damage to an already powerful ability!

[Image: gwfgermanpowers.png]

[Image: gwfgermanfeats.png]

(At-Will Powers)

Armorer shock: (Weapon Master's Strike)
Your strongest AoE shock. Additionally weakens taken goals.

Sure Strike: (Surestrike)
Single Target the best free power. Power with the weakening effect of armorer blow halfway good damage to weaker monsters to kill.

Encounter powers: (Encounter Powers)

Irresistible Battle Slash (Indomitable Battle Strike)
The strongest attack, which you can obtain as a two-handed weapon fighter. Hits all enemies in a short line in front of you without damage and losses generated action points like a boss when you can kill several small monsters. A must-have in every spec.

Drive-by blow (Flourish)
A single target ability and your second strongest attack after the battle blow. Stuns the opponent in addition during the animation.

Challenge (Daring Shout)
An incredibly useful skill. Reduces the damage resistance of enemy targets, increases your own damage resistance, generates commitment and increases the damage caused by a talent of the Sentinel role model (see above).

Daily powers: (Daily Powers)

Slash: (Slam)
Causes severe surface damage and are an additional 25% more power. 95% of the time you will use this ability. For two or more monsters there is hardly anything better.

Crescendo: (Crescendo)
Cute exclusively for single target damage, but nothing more. Additionally stunned an opponent during the animation.

Class features: (Passive Class Features)

Destroyer (Destroyer)
12% more damage. Actually, always active, since even in boss battles are actually getting more than 3 enemies alive.

[Alternative to destroyers, if your equipment is not so good:
Weapons Master: (Weapon Master)
gives 7.5% crit chance. Once you master the weapons without Kritchance 32-35% (with Schurkenbuff 37-40%) have you can confidently move on destroyers.]

Steel Fast Attack: (Steel Flash)
Additional attacks means more damage, more determination and more action points. The most important feature of class!

Enchantments on equipment:

Attack Position: power, strength, and power again! Light Enchantment (Radiant Enchantment)
Defense Rank: defense. Azur brands (Azure Enchantment)
Support space: movement. Dark Emblem (Dark Enchantment)
Weapons improvement course: Electricity Enchantment (Lightning Enchantment)

Give this build a try it's very good me and my friends use it and we do very well.

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